Cross Instruments LLC is a subsidiary of Cross Instruments Inc., which is a leading Health Canada licensed manufacturer and distributer of medical devices in Canada. Committed to manufacturing and distributing premium quality Germany stainless instruments and finest craftsmanship, Cross Instruments Inc. maintains the highest level of applicable Health Canada, ISO 13485 and CE standards.

Continual dedication to personalized customer service, an extensive medical devices line and cost-effective solutions, allow Cross Instruments Inc. to serve the needs of healthcare professionals and institutions throughout Canada and internationally.

Cross Instruments Inc. prides itself in providing premium grade Germany stainless instruments that are manufactured by finest craftsmen at state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Our craftsmen have decades of experience in manufacturing unparalleled quality medical devices. Cross Instruments’ manufacturing facilities are ISO 13485 certified, and each medical device is strictly manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485 quality management systems.

Cross Instruments Inc. strictly adheres to Lean Six Sigma principles in its entire manufacturing and distribution process, which enables it to reduce/limit a lot of process related “waste”. The reduction waste in manufacturing/distribution processes has resulted in immense cost savings that we are passing to our healthcare professionals and institutions.

Join our Cross Instruments family, and we will work with you to maintain the health and well-being of all your clients.


To deliver premium quality medical devices, with lowest possible cost, to our healthcare professional so they can provide high-quality care in their area of practice in an ever-evolving healthcare industry.


To provide healthcare professional with the latest technology in instrumentation that enables them to deliver outstanding and cost-effective healthcare.

Value Proposition

Be a true partner in providing cost-effective solutions for today’s healthcare professionals.